imgCollege Park, MD (June 25, 2013)—The fourth Dalai Lama, Tenzin Gyatso, received an honorary degree in Letters from the University of Maryland, and gave a lecture to over 15,000 people as part of the university’s Anwar Sadat Peace Series on May 7, 2013. To ensure his message was fully conveyed, the university turned to National Events, which in turn used a d&b audiotechnik PA for the event.

“Though it was our first event with U of M, National Events often works with spoken-word shows,” said Cody Bateman, Director of Audio for National Events. “Of course it's crucial to have excellent intelligibility. However, the goal is to keep all the equipment out of the way, so the focus stays on the speaker. Due to recent construction at the Comcast Center, we only had three motor points per side. The d&b Rota clamp allowed us to adjust easily. Also, the Dalai Lama requires a thirty-foot audience buffer. With the help of the d&b ArrayCalc simulation software, we were able to find the ideal placement for each piece of the sound system, to make sure no energy was wasted."

In total, over 50 separate loudspeakers were used. With only half that available at the time of this event, National Events turned to fellow audio provider and d&b Sales partner, Overland Pro Audio. CEO Bill Mills was happy to help, "That's what's nice about the d&b system reality design approach. There is an exact consistency among the equipment regardless of the supplier, which makes temporary expansion like this seamless. Overland's inventory worked perfectly to fill the gap between what was on hand and what was needed. Plus with amazing pattern and directional control, providing sonic clarity for such a large basketball arena was relatively easy. We were proud to help provide for such an important event."

Commenting on the event, Bateman concluded: “It's amazing. There is no wonder the Dalai Lama is known around the world. He has the spirit of a child, but the knowledge and wisdom of a prophet. A truly unique show to be a part of.”

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