imgEdmeston, NY (July 30, 2014)—Electronic music composer and producer and sound designer Richard Devine recently switched out his monitor controller for the Dangerous Music Monitor ST with integrated D-to-A converter at his Atlanta, GA studio.

"I realized I needed to get a separate DAC that could accommodate multiple digital sources and at the same time output clean transparent audio with a non-fatiguing sound. I didn't hear any distortion, and could hear so much detail even monitoring at the lowest listening levels," says Devine. "The end results that I've gotten in the last few months that I've used the Monitor ST are incredible. The ST and DAC ST are one of the best investments I've made in my studio. I'm a complete believer, it's blown my mind."

Devine has already completed several projects using the Dangerous DAC and Monitor ST including sound design and effects for the video game Wolfenstein: New World Order, trailer music for Twisted Tools DarkMorph Sound Effects Library, and the new iPad app "iMPC"-based on the iconic MPC-60 line of drum machine/samplers-for Retroymns and Akai Professional.

Dangerous Music