Toronto, Canada (August 23, 2017)—Dome Productions has enlisted Wohler’s audio monitoring solutions, including its iAM-AUDIO and iAM-MIX units, for its new Vista production truck, which is designed around a 4K UHD HDR workflow.

“Dome has been a long-time customer of Wohler’s and has used its discreet AES and analog units, such as the VMDA-SUM8 and AMP1-E16V-MD, for monitoring in the past,” says Al Karloff, manager engineering services at Dome Productions. The company offers mobile 4K and HD production facilities, transmission services, studio facilities and full turnkey host broadcast services and a fleet of 18 multi-format production mobiles including three 4K trucks, seven support units, one production/uplink mobile and three uplink tractors to clients mainly for sports and entertainment events.

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“With a core technology change, we decided it was time to streamline the audio monitoring throughout the Vista mobile, utilizing much more MADI. This gives each operator station more possibilities and channels to monitor, as well as streamlines the user experience. The iAM-AUDIO units are great, because they offer future-proof capabilities allowing us to add in SFP modules to support future standards, like AoIP.”

The iAM-AUDIO-1 units are in Dome Productions’ engineering QC station, primarily to give the engineer-in-charge the flexibility to monitor audio from any source (MADI, AES, analog or SDI embedded). The iAM-MIX units are distributed throughout the truck, with one in the audio section, and others located throughout the production control room, replay room and in the video department.

iAM-AUDIO-1 is a 1RU unit that has a variety of inputs and the user interface allows operators to flip between those inputs instantly. It monitors custom MADI streams and setups distributed to each operator station through Dome Productions’ audio router.

“When iAM-MIX was introduced, we felt this was exactly what many of our operators have been asking for,” says Karloff. “With the iAM-MIX units having one control per audio source, it has been a big help for our operators.”

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