imgAlleroed, Denmark (August 13, 2014)—Sound designers at video game developer and publisher Codemasters used DPA Microphones to record car sounds for Grid: Autosport, released in late June.

Among the microphones used were various products from DPA's d:dicate recording Microphone range. These included a d:dicate 4011 ER, a cardioid capsule mounted on a cable preamp. Also used was a d:dicate 4018 capsule, which provided a super-cardioid polar pattern when needed. The d:dicate lineup was completed with a 4007A Omni.

To capture the sound in and around the body of the cars, Codemasters used DPA d:screet SC4062 miniature mics; the mic’s size allows for creative placement in and around the body of the car. This type of placement reportedly allowed Codemasters to get a true representation of how the cars sound to both the driver, and from external viewpoints.

The results of this approach to recording have been favorably noticed by publications reviewing Grid: Autosport. A reviewer in The Sunday Times' supplement, for example, wrote, "Codemasters has much more accurately reproduced real engine noises, right down to the pop and crackle of exhaust over-run. Up to 16 microphones were attached to the real cars in order to record the sounds, with specialist equipment being used to avoid the mics near the exhaust melting."

DPA Microphones