imgAlleroed, Denmark (May 12, 2014)—During the Eurovision Song Contest 2014, DPA microphones took particular pride in the press room as the winner, Austrian drag queen Conchita Wurst, aka Thomas Neuwirth, answered questions about the honor.

The venue for this year's Eurovision Song Contest was the B&W Halls in Copenhagen, Denmark. All of the press conferences took place in a separate auditorium that had been specially equipped for the purpose.

Bent Iversen, key account manager for leading Scandinavian PA company DPA Soundco (which is not affiliated with DPA Microphones) was the main sound technician for the press room. Prior to the event, he reported, "We have installed 20 d:screet supercardioid miniature podium microphones, which were specified by broadcast rental company Best Broadcast Hire (BBH). These are positioned on the press table where they are mounted on K&M table bases.”

Iversen added, "Most of the people taking part in the press panels are musicians and they have a tendency to be quite loud. We needed a microphone that could cope with a loud monitor system and with sudden changes in volume. We also wanted microphones that could handle a situation where singers decide to sing as well as speak.”

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