imgAlleroed, Denmark (July 15, 2013)—At the recent Big IF rally in London, DPA Microphones helped project the words of attending celebrities and VIPs, including Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates, to the 45,000 people in the crowd. The Big IF rally was organized by the 'Enough Food For Everyone IF' coalition, with the aim of raising awareness about global hunger.

“We took 12 DPA d:fine Headset Microphones to the event and used them to mic various speakers, including Bill Gates. Apart from the fact that they sit so well on the user’s head and are incredibly comfortable, they were also chosen because they offer the best sound reproduction,” commented Paul Jones, Managing Director of Ethix Management, the sound, light and power supplier for the Big IF rally.

Throughout the day, speakers such as Bill Gates, Danny Boyle, the former Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Willliams and Nelson Mandela's wife Graça Machel pressed for Government action to end hunger and save the lives of millions. Their comments were particularly directed to G8 leaders who were about to meet for a summit in Northern Ireland.

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