Milford, NH (December 20, 2013)—A matched pair of Earthworks QTC40 microphones was used to record a choir of over 5,000 singers at the Mall of America in Bloomington, MN recently at a benefit for the Zach Sobiech Osteosarcoma Fund at Children’s Cancer Research Fund.

“A year ago, I was asked to produce a song for a teenager name Zach Sobiech who had terminal cancer and wrote a song to say goodbye to his family and girlfriend,” says veteran producer Karl Demer of Atomic K Records & Productions, a full service audio/video/photography production company based in Minneapolis, who produced the original song. “[T]he song went to #1 on iTunes and Billboard and to this day, has raised nearly 1 million dollars for children's cancer research specifically to find a cure for the type of cancer that took his life.”

Demer was asked by Dan Seeman, general manager of radio station KS95 and a close friend of Sobiech, to produce a recorded audio track and direct the choir for the one-year anniversary event.

“Earthworks mics kept coming up in my searches for realistic symphonic recordings from a stereo pair, so I reached out to Earthworks through their website and told them of my challenge. Later the next day, to my surprise, Craig Breckenridge responded with a very detailed description of how he suggested I go about placing mics for the recording. He apologized for the delay in response but wanted to get the input from his whole team at Earthworks! I was blown away by such personal service despite never meeting Craig.”

For the event, Demer ran the matched pair of QTC40s through Midas preamps and recorded directly off the preamps to his Macbook Pro running Cubase.

“The QTC40s responded with superior clarity and frequency response. Basically what I heard with my headphones off is what I heard with my headphones on while soloing the QTC40s,” Demer reports.