(l-r) Ilhwan Park, DasanSR; Davwinder Sheena, EAW; Rusty Waite, EAW; SunMo Kang, DasanSR; James Bamlett, EAW; and Noil Song, DasanSR.
Gyunggi-Do, Korea (November 11, 2013)—Korean distributor Dasan SR recently participated in the 2013 KoSound+Stagetech’s sound system shootout competition, where each company has five minutes to show off its sound system.

Dasan demonstrated its new EAW Anya system, and will take the system on tour with Korean pop star Cho Yong-Pil.

“The most important reason is Anya’s Adaptive Performance technology,” said SunMo Kang about why sound rental company RhinoSound chose the Anya system for the tour. “They can program its multi-direction sound to cover all levels, from the ground floor to the second and third levels and on. It saves an enormous amount of time for FOH engineers, and gives them full mixing satisfaction.”

Eastern Acoustic Works