imgReggio Emilia, Italy (July 31, 2014)—Eighteen Sound has released more details about its recently announced Loudspeaker Lyceum, a new section of the company’s website that hosts a series of educational videos and information on topics pertaining to loudspeakers.

“At Eighteen Sound, we believe that sharing information is the essence of growth and common purpose,” explains Eighteen Sound manager Jeffrey Cox. “These videos, which will be an ongoing effort, represent our commitment and contribution to furthering audio education in the industry.”

The videos, hosted by R&D manager Steve Hutt, cover a variety of topics relevant to transducer/loudspeaker design, manufacture, behavior and terminology. The short, concise videos are intended to simplify and provide a better understanding of topics of interest in the field.

“We are working on this series of videos with individual components rolled out on a monthly basis,” adds Cox. “These first two videos start at the beginning of terminology and will progress to become what we believe will be an incredible resource to people in all stages and formats of the audio community.”

Eighteen Sound