imgHebden Bridge, UK (February 21, 2013)-Calrec has made its second sale-an Artemis Light audio console-to Ukraine system integrator and OB truck company Engineer Service.

Engineer Service will install the Artemis Light console in its newest mobile OB truck to mix live audio in stereo and Dolby E 5.1 broadcast formats, and for multichannel recording in live production.

"With the Calrec Artemis Light console, we can do things we couldn't do before, such as provide more than two channels of 5.1 audio broadcast soundtracks. That capability is very important, particularly for live sports productions," said Dmitriy Prikordonny, general director of Engineer Service. "By using extra boxes on the field or stage, we can send and receive many more sound channels. We can serve the entire shooting area, whether that area includes a concert hall, a stage, a field, a broadcast van, or other links. The Artemis Light has improved our workflow while better satisfying our clients' needs."

The Artemis Light console will be installed in Engineer Service's new 40-foot OB truck, which can handle up to 16 cameras for HD video processing. The new truck will hit the road in midsummer to cover mostly live programming such as sports, concerts, and other outside productions. The Artemis Light joins a Calrec Zeta console in the Engineer Service fleet.

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