imgSydney, Australia (March 18, 2014)—Fairlight technology delivered the audio for the opening and closing ceremonies at the Fisht Stadium during both the 2014 Winter Olympics and the Paralympics at Sochi, Russia.

Sydney-based Auditoria Pty. Ltd., which has delivered audio and communications systems for some of the world’s largest live and broadcast performance events, managed the design and direction of the audio systems and services for the events. Among the equipment chosen for the high-profile events—three billion people reportedly watched the 2014 Winter Games opening ceremony—were two identical turnkey Fairlight editing and playback systems. Each comprised two XStream desktop controllers, two workstation PCs, two SX-20 I/O units and XE-6 Faders.

Scott Willsallen, Auditoria director, commented, “Whilst our primary usage of the system is for dual-redundant A/B playback, our workflow also includes creating QuickTime movies for technical programmers and choreographers. The Fairlight platform gives us the buss count and flexibility to deliver stems for FOH and monitors, broadcast mixes, sound design content stems and backup vocal stems as well as the Quicktime movies, all within one session with complete A/B-roll capability and fully backed up on a second system.”

The Fairlight systems on-site were operated by veteran head audio editor and playback engineer Steve Logan.