The Recording Academy Washington, D.C. Chapter Executive Director Wendi Cherry; Steering Committee member, co-chair of D.C.'s P&E Committee and moderator Richard James Burgess; artist, producer and D.C. P&E Wing Committee co-chair Yoko K; Steering Committee co-chair James McKinney; producer Sylvia Massy; P&E Wing Senior Executive Director Maureen Droney; Mastering Engineer Emily Lazar; and engineer/producer Leslie Ann Jones. Photo: Morigi.
Washington, D.C. (April 16, 2013)—In late March, the Recording Academy Washington, D.C. Chapter and the Producers & Engineers Wing, in association with Smithsonian Folkways Recordings, held the event "In The Studio: A Woman's Point of View" at D.C.'s Rasmuson Theater at the National Museum of the American Indian.

Panelists included Emily Lazar, Grammy-nominated mastering engineer and president of New York mastering house The Lodge; Leslie Ann Jones, Grammy-Winning engineer and Director of Music Recording & Scoring at Skywalker Sound; Sylvia Massy, Grammy-nominated producer; Yoko K, artist/producer and D.C. P&E Wing Committee co-chair; and Maureen Droney, Sr. Executive Director of The Recording Academy Producers & Engineers Wing.

Attendees were treated to a lively discussion, as they gained knowledge and insight about music production and a unique perspective on the opportunities and challenges in the music industry today. The event was moderated by Richard James Burgess, P&E Wing Steering Committee member and co-chair of Washington, D.C.'s P&E Committee.

Currently more than 6,000 professionals comprise The Recording Academy Producers & Engineers Wing, which was established for producers, engineers, remixers, manufacturers, technologists, and other related creative and technical professionals in the recording field. This organized voice for the recording community addresses issues that affect the craft of recorded music, including the development and implementation of new technologies, technical guidelines and recommendations, and archiving and preservation initiatives.

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