imgNew York, NY (February 20, 2014)—Focusrite Audio Engineering Ltd. is marking its 25th anniversary with a new documentary and its Dream Recording Competition where the winner will record a track with Grammy award-winning producer, Guy Massey, at AIR Studios in London, UK.

The winners will spend an all-expenses paid weekend in the inspiring environment of the legendary AIR Studios, where Focusrite's original Rupert Neve-designed recording console modules are still used today. Massey (The Beatles, Manic Street Preachers, Ed Sheeran) will run the recording session, helping the winner to craft a song to perfection before recording and mixing the track. Finally, the finished song will be sent to “one of London's finest Mastering Engineers,” according to the company.

Along with the competition, Focusrite has also debuted a new documentary about the company’s history (above). After having developed modules for numerous mixing consoles, the company's first recording console, the Focusrite Forté, was launched, followed by a more streamlined version called the Studio Console. Only 10 Studio Consoles were ever made, and six remain in operation to this day, so the documentary tells the stories of these desks and the people who used them.

Focusrite Dream Competition