imgMilford, NH (September 18, 2013)—As the band Foreigner preps for its latest tour, lead vocalist Kelly Hansen has opted to bring along the Earthworks WL40V wireless capsule as his go-to mic.

“I was always looking for a better solution in a wireless handheld vocal microphone that would really make me happy and give me a condenser microphone sound on stage,” Hansen explained.

Foreigner’s monitor engineer, Lorenzo Banda, suggested Hansen try out the WL40V, which proved to supply Hansen with the sound he was looking for. “I had never used any Earthworks microphones until being endorsed by Lectrosonics, who introduced us to Earthworks and the WL40V microphone capsule. Earthworks sent us the WL40V, and when we tried it on the Lectrosonics wireless system, we loved it,” Banda said.

“When it comes to wireless microphone capsules, it is really all about the sound, and that is what is really great about the Earthworks capsule. It has an open top, a flatter response and a nice bottom end that really sounds like a studio condenser microphone on stage in a wireless form. It just has that flat warm sound with a natural openness in the top,” Hansen said.

Banda also put the SR40V, the wired predecessor to the WL40V, through its paces at soundcheck. “In most stage situations, you get cymbal bleed like crazy, especially when you have a drummer who plays fairly hard. Even though the vocal mics were about 18 feet away from the drums, cymbal leakage was a problem. As soon as we switched to the Earthworks SR40V and WL40V, the cymbal leakage almost went away,” he said.