imgOxford, England (April 4, 2014)--For the second leg of his ongoing Back to Front tour, Peter Gabriel will make full use of his company's SSL Live consoles, supplied by Britannia Row Productions, having first used them on the tour's initial leg last fall.

Three Live consoles are employed to handle the Back to Front performances--one at front-of-house, one hanldes for the band's monitors and one is used for Gabriel's monitoring system.

"The first thing to say about Live is that it sounds really good and makes mixing live audio very easy," says Ben Findlay, FOH engineer. "You get lots of separation and clarity. The EQ is musical, never harsh, and the dynamics are transparent even when compressing a signal hard, as you would expect from an SSL console. The mixes come together quickly when starting from scratch."

"Ben and I recorded a multi-track version of the Back to Front show during the U.S. tour in 2012, so we had a ready reference to run through the Live console when it became available before official show rehearsals," says Richard Chappell, Peter Gabriel's live show coordinator and personal monitoring and studio engineer. "For me, Live is the engineering equivalent of what a musical instrument is to a performer. I can now do what I do better with Live."

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