imgStudio City, CA (October 28, 2013)—The Genelec monitor system at Van Howes Studios have been able to grow with the changing needs of multiplatinum composer and producer Brian Howes and his writing/engineering partner, Jason Van Poederooyen (aka JVP).

Located in the Studio City area of Los Angeles, Van Howes Studios sports a pair of Genelec 1038B 3-way active monitors and a Genelec 7071A dual-driver active subwoofer. “I absolutely love these speakers,” says Van Poederooyen, who joined Howes in moving from their native Vancouver to Los Angeles to work. “Now that I really know them, I rely on them more and more. I even find myself mixing on them at low volumes and really trust the results I'm getting.”

In fact, he adds, the large Genelec monitors serve the dual roles as main monitors and near-field monitors, literally being the only speakers he might use on a project. “On one day, we’ll need them to be the big speakers we want to blow the label people away when they come in, and the next I will use them when I want to check a mix out a low volume. I can do all of that on the 1038s. They have tremendous presence and detail at high volumes but still offer lots of punch and depth even at low volumes.”

Howes has written and/or produced hit tracks and songs for artists including Hedley, Daughtry, Hinder, Nickelback, Airbourne, Simple Plan and others. His songs include "Two Is Better Than One” (featuring Taylor Swift) and "Love Drunk” for Boys Like Girls. Both songs went into the Top 10 in the U.S. and sold more than four million singles.