imgCalabasas, CA (May 15, 2013)—The Good Sound Studio, based in New Stanton, PA, recently purchased a StageScape M20d digital mixing system from Line 6 for its live music and theatrical performance pro audio rentals.

“I was looking for something to improve the overall sound and make setup easier for a local band I had been helping,” said owner Dwight Brown. “After talking with my equipment rep at The Music People, StageScape M20d seemed perfect for our needs. It may not look like a typical digital console, but it does everything we wanted it to. When it arrived, I knew within hours that it would exceed my expectations.”

Upon receiving the StageScape M20d mixer, Brown focused on learning the system’s interface, which uses an icon-based touchscreen to help the user set up a virtual stage. “In my shop, I set up a virtual stage based on the band’s instrumentation, then loaded some presets for each channel as a starting point,” he said. “Since we had a gig that night, I also downloaded the reference guide so I could learn specific things, like how to assign effects to a group of channels, like the vocals. Like everything on the console, it was very easy. You just assign channels to an encoder and go. Sound check was a blast, learning new functions, working with the Tweak mode to tune the sound and assigning monitor feeds. I realized right away that this board would far exceed anything I had even hoped for.”

For his first live show with StageScape, Brown brought two memory devices: one loaded with music, and a second for the mixer’s multi-track recording. “I used one device for music between sets, which was very convenient. But being a studio owner, I really wanted to check out the unit’s recording ability. I recorded some songs so the band could hear themselves later, but didn’t tell them about it until after I took them back to the shop to mix.”

“When I sent the band the files, they were amazed at the quality of the recording and thrilled to heard what their live gigs sounded like. Getting that live feel is something you can’t re-create in the studio, and StageScape offers an incredibly convenient way to capture that,” he added.

Line 6