imgNew York, NY (August 5, 2014)—Ken Hahn, co-owner of New York's Sync Sound, is using the latest version of the Penteo 4 Pro stereo-to-5.1 up-mixer on the Live from the Met program series.

"We do the audio post-production for all of the Live from the Met series," he explains. "First the operas are 'broadcast' live in HD into theaters across the world. Then those recordings are post-produced, and made available on DVD and Blue-ray, as well as broadcast on PBS.  Almost all the music up-mixing that we do involves pre-mixed stereo, like what we do for the Metropolitan Opera here in New York, or for a TV show like FX's The Americans, which we also mix here, and which may use more pop recordings or specialized sound effects."

Hahn has 25 years of experience in audio post-production and has received two Cinema Audio Society Outstanding Achievement in Sound Mixing Awards, five Emmy Awards, 13 ITS Monitor Awards, a Mix Magazine TEC Award for Best Audio Post Production Mixer and has engineered several Grammy Award-winning albums.

"I've had a number of classical artists, conductors, and producers hear the Penteo 5.1 surround version of their stereo mix, and they'll say, 'Oh my goodness, that's what I expected the stereo to sound like. It's got depth. It's got width. I can hear placement of instruments that I didn't across the stereo field that I wish I had.'"

Hahn also provides audio restoration services for the re-release of Met Opera archival recordings that are going to DVD. These are performances that only exist on video tape with a stereo mix. First Hahn restores the stereo mix and then generates a 5.1 mix. "Because of the historical nature of these recordings," he comments, "it is imperative that we not alter the sound when up-mixing, and that's why we use Penteo."

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