Los Angeles, CA (March 11, 2015)—Grammy-winning recording artist Colin Hay, founding member of ‘80s Australian band Men at Work, employed Lauten Audio's Multi-voicing Atlantis studio microphone on his latest solo release.

Hay, whose latest album, Next Year People, was released on February 17, recently added a pair of Lauten Audio's Atlantis FC-387 Multi-voicing studio microphones to his studio. "I received a demo of the Atlantis in late 2013 and it sounded stellar. Shortly after I had ordered a new one, I asked to purchase and keep the demo unit as well," he says.

"I've recorded many different instruments with the Atlantis, and it's wonderful. Vocals, acoustic guitar, tres [a Cuban stringed instrument], tablas, congas, acoustic bass, etcetera. It sounds great on everything," says Hay.

He used his Atlantis on the latest album, most notably on the title track. Hay adds, "This is particularly relevant as it's primarily acoustic guitar and vocal, and both were recorded with the Atlantis."

"I have been fortunate to know Colin for a handful of years now,” says Brian Loudenslager of Lauten Audio. “I first saw his solo show a number of years ago in San Francisco. I was floored by the amazing timbre of his live voice as well as the extreme entertainment value he offers. I was laughing as much as I was listening. He has that type of live voice that can give you chills."

The Atlantis FC-387, a collaborative effort between Lauten Audio and Fab Dupont, has a Multi-voicing feature that gives recordists three distinct timbres to choose from with the flip of a switch.

Hay adds, "I'm using the Atlantis a lot these days. It sounds great on everything, very good on my voice and acoustic. I have one next to me at all times in the control room, and can fire it up on anything at any given moment."

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