imgSanta Monica, CA (May 10, 2013)—Mikkel Heimburger, a sound for picture composer focusing primarily on movies, film and television commercials and advertising, has been working on numerous projects, having placed a song in the latest Al Pacino film Stand Up Guys, and composed, performed and mixed the trailer score for the most recent The Muppets movie.

As part of that work, he's used an Antelope Audio Orion32 audio interface as the cornerstone of his Los Angeles-based studio. "I was a creator of dance, pop and urban music just a few years ago," Heimburger says. "But now I am producing trailers and advertising segments that are diverse and creative, but also more lucrative."

Heimburger is working in a segment that has become increasingly competitive and saturated, however. "The companies I am pitching to often receive dozens of tracks in a day; I want them to remember mine not only for writing and performance, but also for sonic quality," he states.

The Antelope Audio Orion32 is now a key component in his set up. "When I first heard it, I was blown away," he says. "It has what many of today's other converters are lacking: punch. I really need this for the trailers I am working on, and with the Orion32, it happens automatically. It is just there and I don't have to adjust the EQ or manipulate the low end."

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