imgVancouver BC (April 7, 2014)—Nuevo Flamenco artist Russ Hewitt is using Radial’s 500 series modules on his third album, which he is recording in a home studio treated with the company’s Primacoustic panels.

To aid in sound control of the 37 ft. by 11 ft. space, Hewitt installed Primacoustic acoustic panels from Radial Engineering and then got down to outfitting the studio with some new recording gear. "My goal is to have the ability to do any work that comes my way. I asked every studio guy I know what they would do if they were starting a studio now and their answers surprised me,” he says.

“There is definitely a trend away from the mega studios and a lot of them would now prefer a smaller set up. It appears that the technology and price points have never been better for studio equipment and a lot of engineers would have only choice pieces of hardware because the software is so advanced now. I didn't want to have the losing battle of always trying to get the latest piece of equipment, just the best that's available right now. So my engineer friends took a look at the Radial 500 series PreComps [preamp and compressor channel strip] and told me that is all I would ever need to get the sound I was looking for."

Hewitt also chose a Radial Cube chassis to house the modules. "The portability of the 500 series allows me to take them into any studio situation, because my sound is dialed in, regardless of the set up I'm walking into."
Radial Engineering