imgAnaheim, CA (February 19, 2014)—Sound engineer Donal Hodgson recently recorded Ronnie Wood’s performance at BluesFest 2013 at the Royal Albert Hall with special guests Bobby Womack, Mick Hucknall and Paul Weller, using AKG’s new K812 headphones.

Hodgson first acknowledged the comfort of the headphones, but also said he chooses to use K812s because of their sound quality.

“I'm hearing detail on the headphones I simply don't hear on my speakers. I am now worried to listen to some of my old mixes because I'm afraid I’ll hear lots of stuff that I'll want to fix,” he said.

The K812 has an oversized 53mm driver, and its copper-covered aluminum voice coil extends sounds beyond the limits of human hearing, hitting a full spectrum of frequencies. The headphones are also built for comfort, to allow the engineer to use the headphones for extended periods of time.