imgChile (March 5, 2014)—Christie will install Christie Vive Audio cinema sound systems, along with digital cinema projectors and Avias-TMS Theater Management System, in 23 complexes owned by Hoyts Chile. The project will convert the theaters to digital 127 35mm.

As part of the project, Hoyts Chile will equip three theaters with the Christie Vive Audio cinema sound solution, which they will use along with Dolby Atmos. A variety of DLP Cinema projectors, such as Christie CP2215, Christie CP2220 and Christie CP2230, as well as the Christie Avias-TMS Theatre Management System (TMS), will also be installed, allowing the screen operators to centrally control and organize all projection operations from a multi-screen theater.

“Christie invited us to several demonstrations of the Vive Audio technology, where we were able to witness and systematically measure the extraordinary distribution of the sound pressure throughout the audience, which substantially improves the intelligibility of the dialogue (with respect to cone-based speaker systems) and the uniform distribution of sound in the theater, greatly decreasing the rebounding that causes interference,” said Juan Carlos Arriagada Mons.

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