imgMadison, WI (July 15, 2013)—European-based instrument/musical device manufacturer/e-retailer Icon has broadened its scope to the U.S. with the arrival of Wisconsin-based Icon Digital USA, LLC.

The US distributor of Icon music-creation products intends to provide “one stop” solutions for musicians, media/audio enthusiasts and engineers, with a particular focus on working with educational institutions. Icon Digital USA states that it is the first private company introducing a sustainable business model which directly offsets cutbacks in music education programs by providing equipment and an ongoing revenue stream to directly support music education.

Icon’s products, which include keyboards, active monitors, microphones and digital audio workstation controllers, have been available in Europe, Asia and Africa since 2009. According to the company, the consumer defines a school or certified not-for-profit organization when ordering at After the sale, 13% of the online purchase price will be donated to that charity thus allowing musicians, hobbyists, recording artists, engineers and others to directly support music education with every purchase. In addition to local funding, up to 2% of the purchase price will be contributed to State and National music education associations to support grants, scholarships and other programs.

Icon recently worked with the The University of Wisconsin Madison OMAI (Office of Multicultural Arts Initiatives), in the process selling products such as its iDJX controller, iKey keyboard, iControls MIDI controller, HP 360 headphones, SX 6A monitors and more.

Icon Digital USA