imgLondon, UK (August 19, 2014)—When Yes keyboardist Rick Wakeman recorded his solo composition, Journey to the Centre of the Earth, based on the novel by Jules Verne, budgetary constraints required that the album be recorded in concert. It’s only fitting then, that he recently commemorated the 1974 concept album—which went only gold in the U.S., but reportedly has sold 15 million copies worldwide over the decades—with a 40th anniversary tour in the UK.

The 14-date tour comprised performances across the UK, including two dates at the Royal Albert Hall. Each show was a live presentation of the album, performed by Wakeman and The New World Symphony Orchestra, accompanied by The English Chamber Choir and the English Rock Ensemble.
FOH engineer,Ian Barfoot used an Allen & Heath iLive modular system to mix the shows, his setup comprised of twin iDR10 MixRacks and a iLive-112 surface linked by a fiber optical link, along with a Lenovo tablet running iLive Editor control software.
“We needed a pretty high channel count to manage so many performers and deliver the complex orchestra and rock group crossover,” said Barfoot. “I’ve been using iLive since it was introduced, and love the system’s modular and configurable architecture, which enables me to have whatever I need at my fingertips. The sonic performance is exceptional and the onboard effects are absolutely stunning.”
Allen & Heath