imgGlendale, CA (March 25, 2013)-PT Indonesia Media Televisi (IMTV) has equipped its direct-to-home (DTH) facility with a suite of 53 Bittree video and audio patchbays.

Launching this month, IMTV is a new Indonesian DTH television service that is broadcasting 150 SD and HD channels via the LippoStar satellite operating in the Ku band. PT Interindo MultiMedia supplied IMTV's Bittree solutions.

"Indonesia represents one of Southeast Asia's largest and fastest-growing broadcasting markets, and it has enormous potential for Bittree patchbay solutions in both studio and outside broadcasting applications," said Glenn Garrard, president of Bittree. "Interindo Multimedia is doing an excellent job of presenting the advantages of Bittree systems to Indonesian customers, and IMTV—a promising new DTH offering with tremendous potential—is a prime example."

For its DTH headend, located west of Jakarta, Indonesia, IMTV has installed 38 Bittree 2 x 26 WECO HD-SDI patch panels and 15 TT (Bantam) 2 x 48 programmable audio patchbays. The Bittree patching system gives engineers a system backbone with which to reconfigure video and audio feeds rapidly.