imgLas Vegas, NV (January 10, 2013)—Bang & Olufsen, Audi and Fraunhofer IIS collaborated on a new 3D car audio technology that has been unveiled at the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show.

The Bang & Olufsen Advanced Sound System is currently an option in the Audi Q7. A new Audi Q7 concept car at the CES demonstrates the next generation of the system.

The concept car has 23 active loudspeakers and more than 1500 watts of power, driven by a new 23-channel DSP Most amplifier. The speaker complement includes a tweeter and broadband unit in the dashboard center plus tweeters left and right; one tweeter and one mid-high loudspeaker in each A pillar (either side of the windshield); a woofer and a midrange in each front door; a woofer, midrange and a tweeter in each rear door; two surround speakers-a tweeter and broadband-in each D pillar (the SUV's rearmost upright); and one closed subwoofer box in the spare wheel compartment. The left/right dashboard tweeters use Bang & Olufsen's patented acoustic lens technology to disperse the high frequencies.

The 3D audio system is also being demonstrated in conjunction with a 103-inch cinema display in a listening room on Audi's booth at the CES, which runs through Friday, January 11.

Denis Crede, head of sound system development, Audi AG, noted, "At Audi, we strive to improve the experience of music enthusiasts by consistently setting new benchmarks with our sound systems. We believe that the introduction of 3D movies has helped to define the next major step forward for in-car sound systems: the reproduction of music in the third dimension. The 3D acoustic dimension of music recordings is reproduced more naturally and more inspirationally than ever, through 3D sound. This produces an airiness and openness of the acoustics which corresponds to human hearing. With Fraunhofer IIS and Bang & Olufsen, we have partners with whom we were able to jointly realize this idea."