imgQuebec, Canada (June 26, 2013)—Innu singer-songwriter Florent Vollant has updated his studio in northeastern Canada. Established in 1997, Studio Makusham is located in Mani-Utenam, Quebec, Canada, a part of the Innu reserve, where over 3,000 indigenous people reside.

Vollant's musical history runs deep. He has released three albums in Innu-aimun, the Innu language. His Christmas album, Nipaiamianan, received a blessing from Pope John Paul II and the Juno Award for Aboriginal Recording of the Year in 2001. Throughout the years, Studio Makusham was very interested in API gear and finally, in December 2012, made a major upgrade to the facility, acquiring an automated 1608 console through Studio Economik, API's dealer in Montreal.

"The Makusham home-it is the traditional dance, this is a gathering, a feast, a celebration of the rhythms Teuaikan. I am pleased to invite you to this place of creation to live an experience of freedom, sharing, exchange and respect for the music of the world," said Vollant of Studio Makusham.

The first endeavor on the console was Vollant's upcoming album, but the 1608 has also been used for Quebec recording artists such as Richard Seguin and many others. "The sound is very pleasant and surprising and the build quality is undeniable," said Volant. "Thanks to Marc-Andre at Studio Economik for consulting on the deal. We are extremely happy customers!"