imgMumbai, India (August 27, 2013)—Award-winning music producer and mix engineer Eric Pillai has installed an SSL Matrix SuperAnalogue mixing console at his Future Sound Of Bombay facility in India.

"I first started working in the box around 1999, 2000, but always found working with a mouse to be very frustrating and boring," says Pillai. "Then, when I set up the Future Sound Of Bombay studio I finally decided that I needed a console, because I was tired of using a mouse. That was when Shiv Sood of SSL distributor Sound Team told me about the Matrix.

"I thought it was great, because I could set it up the way that I want it. I'm able to incorporate external EQs and effects. I installed an X-Rack system, together with some other compressors and stuff, and I've got a second X-Rack coming soon, so the Matrix is allowing me to build up the studio the way that I want it. I've got my analogue section and I've got my DAW control, so I'm using both."

Eric has been using SSL summing as part of his workflow for many years. "I used to work in my bedroom on my computer, but when it came to mixing I used to carry my DAW and I/O to a local SSL studio to get all of the tracks out onto the console and then back again. The board did something, you know? The punch was there."

Matrix has allowed Eric to bring SSL summing into his own studio with added control. "The whole summing thing and headroom thing is working for me, I just go with what I'm hearing, and I can hear that it's slightly wider, warmer, and a little bit spongy, which is great. Now everything is also on the fader, which allows me to really feel what I'm doing too."

Pillai won for Best Song Recording for "Ala Barfi" from the 2012 Hindi film "Barfi!" at this year's International Indian Film Academy Awards.

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