imgUnited Kingdom (March 20, 2013)—UK broadcaster ITV has added DK-Technologies' multichannel waveform and audio monitoring systems to its news facilities in Leeds and Manchester.

The broadcaster previously implemented DK-Technologies systems at its new ITV Meridian facility. All three facilities are now equipped with five DK Waveform Monitoring systems comprising a PTO760 with HDSDI input core, a PTO760-I/P-8A analogue audio input module and a PTO760M-O/P-8A analogue output module. Each system is augmented with a matching secondary passive display unit. ITV News Leeds and Manchester facilities have an additional PTO710 Waveform Monitor, which is being used for its studio vision control position.

ITV Meridian was the first of the regional news operations to install DK-Technologies equipment, specifying the system as part of its 2011 move into a totally new facility.

Gerard Jennings, ITV news and regions' engineering manager, says, "The multiple inputs, video and audio, removed the requirement for external monitoring switchers, while the flexible configuration features allowed us to create specific presets for each of the user groups. ITV Meridian's operational staff were also consulted on the configuration features to make the units operator-friendly.

"An additional benefit to the news division is that they can be fully controlled and monitored over the ITV WAN to enhance nationwide out of hours support. Although these features are implemented in other makes of waveform monitor/rasterizer, the Java interface in the DK-Technologies range produces the best remote response."