In the run up to the Monty Python shows at London's O2 Arena, JoeCo recorders were featured in a behind-the-scenes tweet.
London, UK (July 1, 2014)—When the curtain rises tonight on first of British comedy troupe Monty Python’s farewell shows at London’s O2 Arena, the moment will be captured by a trio of JoeCo BlackBox BBR64-MADI Recorders. The 64-channel MADI systems form part of recording engineer Matt Bainbridge’s arsenal of equipment that is being used to record 168 channels of audio split over three MADI streams.

Bainbridge, of BlueCat Professional Audio Consultancy Ltd., who is responsible for the multi-track recording of each of the 10 performances during the run commented: “We needed units that would be reliable, easy to set-up and leave unattended at times. The JoeCo’s fitted the bill perfectly. In addition to their audio quality, the ability to use just one unit as a master device has also proved very useful.”

Audio captured by the BBR64MADI systems at the 02 shows will be used for archive material, or supplementary audio on any future “live” releases. The BBR64-MADI Recorders have been supplied for the shows by Richmond Film Services, London.

A countercultural comedy hit in the 1960s and 70s, Monty Python’s surviving members announced earlier this year that they would reunite for one last show on July 1; when the 02 Arena sold out in a record 43.5 seconds, nine more dates were added and sold out as well. The Pythons are stating that these will be their final performances, and while some will be broadcast to cinemas around the world later this month, the comedy troupe will not tour with the production, making the preservation of the event all the more important.


Blue Cat