imgDenver, CO (November 27, 2012)-KLJY-FM, a Christian music station serving the St. Louis area, has begun using a new Harris HPX tube transmitter.  
"The HPX40 was the only transmitter in this power range that fit in our space without very expensive changes to our facility," said Dave Obergoenner, director of engineering, 99.1 JOY FM. "The HPX40 has an exceptionally high factory-rated efficiency that translates to the real world. It draws considerably less power than our old main transmitter, and puts out quite a bit less heat-heat that we would need to air-condition away at this site."
Obergoenner also points to exceptional audio quality since installing the transmitter, with a nod to the Harris Digit CD exciter that generates the signal. "I've installed a lot of Digit exciters over the years-some even driving other transmitters-and they present a fantastic sound," he said. "The Digit line has always delivered some of my favorite-sounding exciters. There is something huge, yet crystal-clear about the sound they produce. The Digit CD is no exception."
Harris Broadcast Communications