KBS’ Lee Jang Hyun with Tango 2
Puidoux, Switzerland (April 7, 2014)—South Korean broadcaster KBS has outfitted three hybrid audio/video edit suites with equipment from Merging Technologies.

The KBS TV technical operations team led by Choi Myung Gyu and Insu Hwang of Merging’s distributor, Syncfish, planned the system. The three rooms are identically equipped except for the number of faders on the Tango surfaces. Room A is 44 channels and the other two are 32, directly controlling the Pyramix 256 MassCore Post Pack, which is in turn connected to Horus units with the redundant power option. VCube completes the system with the HD-SDI dual card option.

Delivery requirement for the servers was XDCAM MXF, which required the final audio file to be sent back to the video editing and computer graphics teams, creating something of a logjam. By equipping the audio suites with Pyramix, VCube, Final Cut Pro and a CG computer, the entire process can be handled in the audio suite.

Tango 2 was the facility’s choice. In consultation with the Merging team, a feature addition to V5.0 VCube will ultimately allow the Final Cut Pro stations to be removed, with a further saving of time.

“KBS is already very familiar with Merging Technologies products, so this was an easy choice for us to make. We knew that this Iris system would meet our workflow requirements with the potential for even greater efficiency with the new VCube version coming soon,” remarked Choi Myung Gyu. “Our operators find the Tango control of Pyramix to be excellent.”

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