imgBrooklyn, NY (March 4, 2013)—Kemado Records has installed a new 32-channel API 1608 console in the larger of its two separate control rooms in Brooklyn, NY.

Kemado chose the 1608 to complement its recent plans for expansion, which included the creation of two new labels (Mexican Summer and Software), a brick-and-mortar record store, and a recording studio with over 1,000 square feet of tracking space in 2009. Kemado's founders, Andres Santo Domingo and Tom Clapp, report that the recording studio has seen near continual use.

"We figured that if we were going to replace a classic vintage console, we had to replace it with something in the same respected sonic family. But at the same time, we wanted to avoid the near-constant servicing required of some older consoles. So we decided we wanted something new but still classic, which made the 1608 the perfect fit; it's a classic console with a classic sound.

"Plus it's designed to be in constant use, and the modular design ensures that it can be serviced when that time comes. The other options we looked at were not in the same sonic league with the 1608, nor were they built for the long haul."

Clapp and colleagues installed the new console in three days, and synched the 1608 into a fully-decked Avid Pro Tools HD rig with 48in/48out, a Studer 827A tape machine, and a Studer A80 VU mix-down deck. With so many engineers coming through the door, part of the 1608's allure was its straightforward topology and signal flow, as was its gain structure. "The 1608 definitely has a modern gain structure, in contrast to many of the choices we reviewed," said Clapp.