imgNew York, NY (August 19, 2014)—For the launch of 20th Century’s Fox summer blockbuster X-Men: Days of Future Past, the worldwide premier was held at New York’s Jacob K. Javits Center, with a 75-foot-wide screen projecting the movie for attendees.

The showing also had to be able to reproduce the film’s bombastic 5.1 surround soundtrack, but the Javits is no cinema; the same huge floor-to-ceiling glass wall that offers views of the Hudson River and New Jersey can also create aural reflections that would turn the hall into an acoustical nightmare.

Event producer Samantha Sackler Productions tapped NYC-based See Factor Industry, who provided an L-Acoustics K2 system, consisting of 24 K2s, 12 SB28 subs and 16 coaxial 115XT HiQ wedges, all powered and processed by L-Acoustics’ LA8 amplified controllers.

“When doing movie surround sound events in unconventional venues with very high expectations from the client, and knowing that producers, directors and sound editors will be in the audience, it is quite challenging,” observes Mark Friedman, one of See Factor’s principals.  “It’s rare that you’d need to use a system as large as a K2 for a film premiere, but the Javits is huge and called for a much larger sound system.”

The K2 was configured in three hangs of eight modules each for the left-center-right cinema-sound frontal array, with eight 115XT HiQ wedges arrayed on either side of the room as surround speakers. On the hang closest to the glass wall, the K2’s Panflex asymmetrical variable horizontal coverage technology came into play with that speaker hang having the directional fins on the speakers set for 35 degrees of horizontal dispersion while the right hand was set for 55 degrees, with the intention of keeping the sonic energy off the reflective glass surface and focused on the audience seating area.

The angles were determined based on the use of L-Acoustics’ Soundvision 3D acoustical simulation software. In addition, the operation of all of the speakers, zones and LA8 amplifiers were coordinated through L-Acoustics’ Network Manager.