Kent Ford, Broadcast Audio Engineer (left) and  John Carlyle, Sound Engineer (right).
Rastatt, Germany (February 21, 2014)—The setup for the second season of Big Brother Canada, which begins March 5, includes two Lawo mc256 digital audio mixing consoles with fiber-connected stage boxes.

The consoles, fiber cabling and analog breakouts were provided by Broadcast Systems & Equipment Inc. (BSI) and Lawo North America as a rental package, with configuration, training and setup support provided by Lawo North America’s Engineering Manager Doug Smith.

The two Lawo mc256 consoles each produce a different mix determined by the producers and dependent upon the stories unfolding in the house. Additionally, one console—a 48-fader mc256—acts as a router and supplies the second console with signals via its direct outs.

There are 68 house plant mics, 10 crowd mics and 32 wireless mics that are connected locally. The entire setup has about 140 mics and up to 120 cameras that will be on air 24/7 from the day the show starts on March 5 until May 8.

Insight Production Company’s decision to go with Lawo were based on the routing flexibility of the consoles—enabling not only the installation but also operations training for a group of nine audio engineers to run smoothly and be completed on a short timeline. The production was able to eliminate the previous year’s entire copper infrastructure with a couple of fiber connections.