imgPrague, Czech Republic (March 1, 2013)—Production staff from Bystrouöka Sound Studios used Lectrosonics RF equipment to record car sounds for a Czech animated show, "CtyrlÌstek."

Petr Novák is the production and rental manager for Bystrouöka Sound Studios. With the aid of mixer Robert Dufek and assistant Jiri Graf, his crew spent much of December on what was once a military airfield (that is now used only occasionally) capturing the engine sounds of an old äkoda—an automobile manufactured in the Czech Republic. Armed with a pair of Lectrosonics HM plug-on transmitters, an SMDB/E01 super miniature beltpack transmitter, a VR Field battery powered modular receiver system stocked with six VRT receiver modules—all utilizing Lectrosonics' Digital Hybrid Wireless technology—and an ALP620 Log Periodic Dipole Array (LPDA) antenna, the crew acquired the automobile sounds.

"We've been working with Lectrosonics equipment since 2009," Novák reports. "Lectrosonics' Digital Hybrid Wireless technology is very impressive. We needed the microphones mounted on the moving car to be in sync with static microphones positioned on the airfield. Using the wireless mics in this way saved us valuable time that we would otherwise have spent synchronizing the tracks using two recorders later.

Novák also offered, "We were very concerned that the car's engine would cause some RF interference. Further, there was a risk that the car itself might work as a Faraday cage and inhibit the signal from the transmitter-resulting in low signal quality with interference at the receiver. As it turns out, our concerns never materialized. It all worked without any problem. Based on prior experience with Lectrosonics gear, we had strong confidence this approach would work-and it did."