imgRio Rancho, NM (November 13, 2013)—Tasked with capturing audio The Outdoor Channel’s Outfitter Boot Camp reality show, New York-based location sound mixer Jonah Torreano brought along his arsenal of Lectrosonics equipment.

Outfitter Boot Camp, filmed in the wilderness of the western United States, follows six guide school students as they navigate the skills required to survive a wide range of challenging situations.

With a background encompassing more than 10 years’ worth of travel oriented projects, Torreano has evolved his one-man audio kit to include UM400 and UM400a beltpack transmitters, a combination of SRa and UCR411a compact receivers, along with R1a beltpack IFB receivers.

“For most of the show,” Torreano explained, “we were working in various outdoor locations around large animals in rough terrain, so there was no opportunity for wheels, no rack-mount gear, and for the most part, no boom mic. On this show, the talent ride horses, catch mules, chop firewood, throw bales of hay around, and so forth. Because of this, I used a Sound Devices 788t field recorder, their MP-2, 2-channel mixer and a bag full of wireless. For the talent, this involved eight UCR411a receivers and a mix of UM400 and UM400a transmitters. All that gear makes the bag heavy, so I wear a neoprene lower back brace and hang the bag on an oversized belt buckle.”

He continued, “Because each of the talent had a belt with several pouches containing necessities such as knife, bear spray, etc., I was able to bury the transmitters into the belts using small pouches to hide the equipment.”

“For the camera hops,” Torreano reports, “the ‘A’ camera got an SRA receiver set up with a Sony battery sled as my backup power option if the handheld camera rig failed. The ‘B’ and ‘C’ cameras both got a budget-saving IFB feed through Lectrosonics R1a receivers on 1 channel (for reference), with the second channel being for the camera mic. The field producer also had an R1a receiver for monitoring purposes.”