Rio Rancho, NM (October 16, 2017)—Lectrosonics has announced a 600 MHz Trade-in Special Program, enabling North American customers to trade in older and non-compliant wireless transmitters, receivers and IFB units and systems while purchasing new Lectrosonics products from an authorized U.S. or Canadian dealer.

“We’re pleased to be offering a trade-in program as an effort to ease the transition out of the 600 MHz band for wireless microphone users,” states Karl Winkler, VP of sales and service for Lectrosonics. “With some of the wireless carriers starting to turn on their high-speed data services this year, Lectrosonics wanted to lend a hand so that our users can accelerate their transition efforts without bearing the entire cost themselves.”

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With the trade-in program, dealers will deduct the amount of up to $250 per unit (transmitter, receiver, transceiver, etc.), depending on the trade-in value, as an instant credit from the new sale, allowing customers to use the offer without having to mail in forms and wait for a check.

This program offer is good only for new end-user purchases of wireless microphone transmitters, receivers, IFB systems and IEM systems (no b-stock or seconds are eligible) in blocks 470, 19, 20, 21, 22 and 23 and bands A1 and B1 from an authorized U.S. or Canadian Lectrosonics dealer. This offer is good only for North American customers; exporting is not allowed. Qualifying purchases must be made before August 30, 2018.

Lectrosonics will also continue to offer a re-blocking service through its parts and repair department for users wishing to change the frequency range of their older units to comply with the FCC’s new regulations and without purchasing new equipment.

For detailed information on this program, including values for trade-in products, customers should contact their Lectrosonics dealer or visit