imgBuena Park, CA (August 1, 2013)-An Argosy Console Dual 15K-803 Keyboard Workstation is at the center of producer, songwriter and performer Enik Lin's new U.S. project studio.

"I remember when I first saw an Argosy desk, I thought, 'That looks just like the Starship Enterprise,'" says Lin. "It looks hi-tech and professional without having a large format console setup in the room. I said, 'I'm going to own one of those, one day.'"

Lin, a Chinese-American artist who financed and built the compact facility himself in a commercial building in Buena Park, CA, regularly works on both sides of the Pacific. He is currently focused on a solo album project. Lin is also the lead vocalist, producer, and writer, and plays keyboards, guitars, drums, as well as violin, for the electro-pop band IAMMEDIC, with band members Andre Harris, Danny Park and DJ Yup.

"I travel back and forth between here and Asia about every other month, and I needed a place to work in the States that felt professional," says Lin. "And I needed a workstation that was functional and looked extremely professional-without breaking the bank."

In addition to providing space for his main writing keyboard, an M-Audio Axiom Pro 69, the new Argosy Dual 15K-803 puts Lin's main audio tools close at hand. "I didn't want to put anything on the desk that I would never touch, just the gear that I fiddle with the most," he says.

The desk's rack bays holds an Avalon VT-737SP vocal channel, an Avid|Eleven multi-processor, a brand-new Avid|HD I/O and Omni Pro Tools interface, plus a Dangerous Music D-Box. A pair each of Neumann KH 120 and Mackie HR824 near field monitors sit atop the rack bays. An ADAM Sub8 on the floor provides low-end extension.