imgSanta Ana, CA (November 18, 2013)—Take 1 Insurance, in conjunction with the Event Safety Alliance, hit a turnout of 377 live event professionals for their first webinar on live event safety.

“We are thrilled with the turnout for this critically important first step in making event safety a first priority for producers of live events, the owner/operators of venues where live events are held, and the municipalities that host them, along with all live event service firms who work these shows every day” explained Scott Carroll, executive vice president & program director of Take1 Insurance. “More than 820 professionals registered for the webinar and 377 of these pre-registrants actually participated in the event. These are great numbers for a free webinar and the questions posted afterward revealed significant interest in this topic.”

The timing of the webinar comes as the Event Safety Alliance prepares to introduce the industry’s first comprehensive Event Safety Guide. “The availability of this Guide is going to have a permanent impact on the way the insurance industry approaches coverage in the future,” Carroll said. “Insurance providers, like Take1 Insurance, are going to ask if clients know about the Event Safety Alliance, are aware of the Event Safety Guide, and use the Event Safety Guide to prepare an Event Safety Plan.”

“We’re all in this together—event producers, venue owner/operators, municipalities, promoters, and first responders,” added Jim Digby, executive director of the Event Safety Alliance. “We all have a legal as well as a moral obligation to make live event safety our very first priority when it comes to producing and staging a live event. The Event Safety Alliance was formed to make this goal a reality so that we no longer have to witness the tragedies that have occurred over the last number of years in Toronto, Rhode Island, Indiana, and Brazil. Together, we can make the production of live events infinitely safer for everyone involved.”

The Webinar was hosted by NewBay Media’s Rental & Staging News and is now available online at Take1 Insurance and the Event Safety Alliance are also planning to host a series of follow up, subject-specific Live Event Safety Webinars in 2014.

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