imgSydney, Australia (May 21, 2013)—FOH engineer Chris Madden is once again joining Pink for her 10-month global arena tour in support of her newest album, The Truth About Love, bringing along a full L-Acoustics K-1 system.

The loudspeaker system is provided for the tour by Sydney, Australia-based JPJ Audio, and will continue to tour with Pink as she heads to Australia for the summer months and then back to North America for the final leg of her tour.

Madden, who has also performed FOH duties for Joe Cocker, Sade and Jessie J in the past, first used a K1 on Pink’s Funhouse Summer Carnival tour of Europe in 2010. “We did quite a lot of shows in Germany for that summer run, all of which were supported by Black Box and their then-new K1 system,” Madden said. “We achieved fantastic results with the rig and Roger Davies [manager for Pink, Sade, Cher, Tina Turner and others] was very impressed, so it’s been our system of choice ever since.

The main arrays for Pink’s current arena tour are comprised of 14 K1 plus six Kara per side for downfill, with a small middle array of six Kara flown to cover the audience area between the main stage and curved thrust. An additional six Kara spread out under the front edge of the main stage helps pull the sound image down a bit further for the crowd at the front.

JPJ is also deploying a total of 60 Kudo enclosures to deliver extreme left and right side coverage. Depending on each venue’s unique geometry, these are typically hung in either four arrays of 15 or dual arrays of 18 and 12 cabinets.

Low frequency reinforcement is primarily achieved via a combination of eight K1-SB per side flown adjacent to the K1/Kara hangs and a dozen SB28 in six stacks of two across the curved front edge of the stage thrust. Ground subs are set up in cardioid mode with the bottom cabinets rear-firing to minimize LF bleed on stage. Additional two-by-three stacks of SB28 are positioned under the ramps on either side of the stage and fire out toward the far left and right sides of the room, while 19 LA-RAK touring racks containing a total of 57 LA8 amplified controllers drive the entire system.

JPJ Audio