imgLas Vegas, NV (April 11, 2014)—Music mixer Joseph Magee, recently hired by Todd-Soundelux, is using Harman’s JBL M2 and LSR308 monitors on location in Louisiana to mix music for the feature film Pitch Perfect 2.

“I’ve been using the M2 monitors in my music dub room at Todd-Soundelux and I’m now getting accustomed to using them on the road,” said Magee, whose credits include Saving Mr. Banks, The Muppets, Spider-Man 3 and others. The objective is to record 95 percent of all the on-camera a cappella performances in a studio built specifically for the film in a warehouse in Baton Rouge, LA.

“I think a lot of people perceive the M2s as monitors that are meant to be permanently installed in a control room, tuned to the room and then left alone. But the reality is these loudspeakers sound great out of the box, so taking them to Baton Rouge was an easy decision.”

 “The waveguide is so darn fast, I’m hearing things I haven’t heard before in my mixes and I’m hearing things differently—in a good way,” he said. “At the Todd-Soundelux facilities, all the engineers who have come through have been shocked at how authoritative these M2 loudspeakers are and they’ve been amazed at the clarity of the system.”

Magee also uses a pair of JBL’s powered 3 Series LSR308 studio monitors as his near-field listening system. “In all honesty, when I was first auditioning the M2 system at Todd-Soundelux, I didn’t fully understand what I was working with,” Magee noted. “But then I worked with the 308 monitors at home and it all clicked for me. I simply wasn’t used to the imaging and level of detail these speakers provide.”

JBL custom-designed a panel in its Harman HiQnet System Architect software that enables Magee to quickly create a simple, 4-band room EQ in the DSP of the Crown I-Tech 5000 HD amplifiers being used to power the system.