imgBuckinghamshire, UK (April 2, 2014)—Martin Audio recently opened a new MLA facility, expanding operations for the company’s production and assembly, quality control, testing and warehousing.

“The runaway success that MLA has become meant we needed additional production and warehousing space in order to meet the growing demand,” commented Jason Robinson, quality manager for Martin Audio. “We also took the opportunity to instill new principles in both the creation of the layout and the day-to-day running of the facilities. 5S will help guarantee that we not only keep up with demand, but that it is achieved in an efficient manner with the quality our customers expect and this leading system demands.”

Alongside the production elements, the new facilities will also house Martin Audio’s training sessions for both MLA and OmniLine. Andy Davies, lead applications engineer, said, “This new space will provide the perfect vehicle for premier training, while enabling us to show people how the product they are being trained on is made.”

Martin Audio