At Bernie Grundman Mastering (l-r): mixer Peter Mokran, recording engineer Scott Frankfurt, Sergio Mendes and mastering engineer Bernie Grundman. Photo by David Goggin.
Hollywood, CA (July 3, 2014)—Sergio Mendes, the "King of Bossa Nova," has mastered his new album, Magic, at Bernie Grundman Mastering for release on the OKeh Records imprint of Sony Music Masterworks.

Producer, composer, keyboardist and vocalist Sergio Mendes' new recording features eclectic and upbeat Brazilian rhythms with guest vocalists John Legend, Janelle Monae and Gracinha Leporace, among others. One of the most successful Brazilian artists of all-time, Mendes has recorded more than 35 albums and has won three Grammy Awards.

In addition to Mendes, the mastering session was attended by recording engineer Scott Frankfurt, mix engineer Peter Mokran and mastering engineer Bernie Grundman.

"What a joy it has been to work with Sergio," remarked recording engineer Scott Frankfurt. "This is our third album together, but the first where I was the recording engineer. Over these months during the creation of Magic, it's been a privilege to be at Sergio's right hand as he invents, shapes, and draws out the best from the music and all of the incredibly talented people in his orbit. His enthusiasm and energy is infectious—the work ethic is steady, smart and laced with joy. I've never worked beside a man who can be so precise harmonically and melodically."

Technical and musical highlights from the sessions included recording John Legend with the studio's vintage Neumann U47 microphone, Janelle Monae on the Blue Bottle mic using a custom B9 capsule, and drum and percussion sessions utilizing GP2 BL99 mic pres. Mendes' piano solos were recorded on the studio's Steinway with Mojave MA-300s and Millennia mic pres. Horn sessions used Royer mics and Vintech gear. Paul Jackson Jr. on guitar and Alphonso Johnson on bass recorded with Phoenix Audio gear.

Frankfurt commented on Bernie Grundman's mastering of the new album, "I trust his ears, the way he shapes the low end and gets the top just right. He's a formidable combination of taste and discipline."

Scott Frankfurt Studio

Bernie Grundman Mastering