Pictured outside the new MG-Sound Studios in Vienna are students and master class instructor George Massenburg (center), studio co-founder and chief engineer Martin Bohm (far left) and workshop organizer Bernard Frings (far right).
Vienna, Austria (September 4, 2013)—MG-Sound Studios, currently celebrating its 20th anniversary, recently hosted a two-day workshop with producer/engineer and equipment designer George Massenburg.  

Massenburg's master class featured the live recording and mixing of top Viennese musicians, with close attention paid to microphone technique, editing, processing and mixing. "We concentrate on a real recording project with every facet, from rehearsal to final mixing," commented Massenburg. "We've done a number of workshops here in Vienna, working with some of the finest musicians in the world. And what a treat to hold this session at the new location in this incredibly well-designed studio complex with my good friend, the co-founder and chief engineer, Martin Bohm."

MG Sound houses seven new studios equipped with digital recording systems, vintage analog gear, as well as two Solid State Logic consoles.  Studio designer Andy Munro, who designed the original facility 20 years ago, commented, "The new studio accommodates the full spectrum of audio work for records, broadcast, advertising and film. The studio and its highly professional team bring in an amazing range of clients from BMW to the Vienna Symphony Orchestra. And now they have Austria's first purpose-built 7.1 film mixing studio to meet the full Dolby standard for re-recording. There are also live rooms geared for acoustic instrumentation and orchestral film music, as well as suites for voiceover and post-production. These capabilities are unmatched in Austria, a country with a wealth of first class facilities."

In addition to feature film mixing and broadcast projects, MG Sound recently hosted sessions for Depeche Mode, Bon Jovi, and Ryan Leslie, known as the Black Mozart. Past clients include Hans Zimmer, Bono and the Edge, the Rolling Stones, Placido Domingo, Whitney Houston, and Sarah Brightman, among numerous other international hit makers.

Thomas Riedmeier of CML Studio Munich and Bernard Frings, George Massenburg Labs European representative, organized the Massenburg Master Class.