imgNew York, NY (May 28, 2014)—Veteran sound mixer Danny Michael has been using Sound Devices’ 788T-SSD digital recorder for his on-set and on-location audio production needs.

Michael’s recent portfolio includes the feature films The Secret Life of Walter Mitty with Ben Stiller; John Wick, starring Keanu Reeves; and Non-Stop, with Liam Neeson. For his work on Walter Mitty, Michael utilized two rigs, one portable and one cart-based, each outfitted with the 788T-SSD digital recorder and Sound Devices CL-WiFi interface. Michael was tasked with capturing all audio, including dialogue, effects and ambience, for the film. While the majority of the movie is set in New York, the production team spent five weeks shooting in Iceland.

“I redesigned my cart so it could be a little more flexible, portable and useable for the remote situations we were going to be presented with,” says Michael. “While I had the capability of using the 788T-SSD over my shoulder for the more challenging situations of working atop glaciers; there were times where I knew we would have more complicated work, and I wanted to have my cart. It wouldn’t have been possible to make it as small and durable as it was if it wasn’t for the 788T.”

Along with his Sound Devices 788T-SSD and CL-WiFi interface, Michael’s cart also includes the Lectrosonics VRT-Venue System, Lectrosonics radio mics, Schoeps CMC-6U and CMIT-5U microphones, a Cooper Sound 208 mixer, Blackmagic dual seven-inch monitors and a Denecke Dcode GR-1 as the main time clock.

Michael used this same cart for John Wick, which employed a file-based workflow; he simply supplied his CompactFlash cards to post house Light Iron for them to process the dailies on set. “I was basically handing over my sound every time a camera roll changed, to a person who was literally five feet away from me,” says Michael. “They then took my material and synched it with what was coming off the cameras, on the spot.”

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