imgTelfs, Austria (May 5, 2014)—Austrian OB broadcast specialist MIKO Event & Rental has installed a Harman Studer Vista 1 console in a newly configured OB van.

The new MF11D 15-ton Ü-Wagen (OB van) has been designed as a hybrid solution for video and internet broadcasts or as high-quality radio. The sound infrastructure can also support live recording in configurations up to 7.1. Originally built by Krämer in Germany, it was rebuilt by MIKO to handle these video broadcasts.

The company runs a fleet of trucks that provide outside broadcast services, mainly for ORF, the Austrian public service broadcaster, and Red Bull Media House, the multi-platform media company with a focus on sports, culture and lifestyle.

According to Michael Kogler, who founded MIKO Event & Rental in 1991, “Although the truck was built for a total weight of 15 tons, we reduced it to 12 tons to give us fewer limitations—leaving around 1.5 tons available for other equipment.”

He highlights a key advantage of the Vista 1: “Our previous console weighed 600 kg and required 2,100W of power [as well as its own conditioning circuit]. The Vista 1, run in conjunction with our existing Studer MADI Compact Stagebox (CSB), is substantially more economical on weight and power draw—and it doesn’t need an air conditioning circuit. So we can drop the electric power consumption from 3-phase 400V-32A to 16A.

“But best of all, in Austria the climate is only extremely warm in July and August, so we only need to circulate fresh air; it means we can drop the electric power consumption again to a single phase 230V-16A—this is really amazing for such a truck!”

He added, “Having an all-in-one package such as Vista 1 means that this compact control platform can be used as a standalone system outside the truck—for example at classical and musical sound reinforcement events—and also places where the ÜW cannot go, such as high up in the mountains or on a ship.”