imgSanta Monica, CA (February 26, 2014)—Eric Sarafin, author of the popular Mixerman series of audio engineering books, recently began using Antelope Audio's Orion32 multi-channel converter and its Isochrone 10M clock in his mixes, including work he did on the new Foreigner album.

“It made a huge difference; I had done some mixes for Foreigner previously on their 'Unplugged' album,” he recalled. “This was similar because there was no drums and this makes working on a live project much easier. I was mixing some of the greatest songs ever written and had nothing in my way. It was one of the most enjoyable records to mix ever, and with the Orion32 and 10M, I was no longer fighting the technology.”

While he initially felt that the Orion32 “sounded certainly as good, if not better than my existing converter,” he then used it in conjunction with a 10M clock: “It was a whole different ballgame. The soundstage was deeper, wider, richer— it was super-obvious. The whole soundscape opened up and I could interpret the mix sans the usual digital impediments. I have always been slightly frustrated with digital because it always seemed like I had to work harder on my mixes than I did in the analog domain. But the Orion32 and 10M has significantly helped my digital set up, to the point I feel like there’s nothing in the way of me and the music. This is the biggest step forward I’ve experienced in my rig, or in any digital environment, in quite some time. It’s easily shaved an hour off of every mix I do, if not more.”

“I am running Logic X on a Mac Mini. Logic X goes out to the Orion32 via USB, which is awesome because now I don't need to use a PCIe chassis. I have heard other people say USB is sketchy, but I’ve haven't seen or heard any evidence of this. In fact, it’s rock solid. The Orion32 outputs go into two Dangerous summing boxes, which then go out to my SSL G384 analog compressor. I've got a couple of Pulse Techniques EQP1a3s in line after that, then I go right back into the Orion32 / 10M combo. I have a variety of monitors, but these days I’m using the SE Munro Egg speakers in combination with my Tannoy 800As — all of this is plugged into my Dangerous monitor section—that is until my Raven MTX arrives.”
Antelope Audio