imgLos Angeles, CA (May 17, 2013)—Having worked with everyone form Mary J. Blige to Maroon 5, producer Harmony "H-Money" Samuels has made a name for himself in both the US and UK production scenes.

Other artists he's worked with include Brandy, Chris Brown, Chipmunk, Keyshia Cole, Estelle, Fantasia,  pop star Ariana Grande and others. Born in England to Nigerian immigrant parents with strong musical backgrounds, by age 12, he was the church choir's musical director, and had taught himself to play piano, bass guitar, guitar and drums. Samuels built a strong reputation as a remixer in London, performing remixes for singles by Craig David, Alesha Dixon, Jamelia and Kelly Rowland, among others, before moving to Los Angeles in 2008.

For much of that work, Samuels uses Gibson Pro Audio's KRK Rokit 8 Monitors. "I love my Rokit 8s," says Samuels. "They have been with me for about four years, and they've never busted. They are very strong, very solid, which is great for me because I play my music very loud. With them, what you hear is what you really hear, so we use the Rokit 8s for a lot of finishing, a lot of rounding off of my productions. I love that the bottom end and the top on it are not too harsh. It makes me confident that what the listeners hear will sound the same whether they are in the car or moving from room to room."

Samuels also works with KRK's KNS headphones and VXT8 active studio monitors. "I call my VTX8s the 'beauty speakers,'" adds Samuels. "They are perfect for when you want to hear your overall mix and listen to the real fine detail changes. Any time I work outside my production studio, I always ask for VXT monitors."

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